Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to some frequently asked questions here at GAHH. If you do not find the answer you seek here, please feel to contact us.

From the time I place my order, how long before it is shipped?
Orders usually ship in 24 to 48 hours.
What if I receive my order, and I have a problem with it?
No problem! Just drop us an e-mail: [email protected] or give us a call (toll-free:800-722-2292), and one of our customer service reps will take care of it.
Do your BMW Z3 convertible tops have pockets from 1998-on as an original would?
Yes. All of our (non-budget) BMW Z3 convertible tops have the relief pockets in the quarters from 1996-on.
I would like to make a purchase from you, and install it myself. Do you have installation instructions?
No, we do not. We recommend all our items be installed by a professional. Our products are not designed to be installed by anyone other than a professional. Improper installation will void our warranty.
Porsche 996 Glass Window Top: Does the glass fold and fit properly when the top goes down?
It sure does. The glass window is smaller than the original plastic window, so that it will fold properly. Glass window size is 35.5"w x 12"h.
Porsche Boxster Glass Window Top: Does the glass fold and fit properly when the top goes down?
Absolutely. The glass window is smaller than the original plastic window, so that it will fold properly. Glass window size is 35.5"w x 12"h The defrost wiring harness is included.
Porsche 996 Glass Window Top: Is the defrost wiring harness available through you?
You bet! When you purchase a Boxster top with the glass upgrade, the defroster harness will come with your order at no additional cost to you.
What is the difference between German canvas and Sonnendeck canvas?
German canvas is made of a polyester blend, and the American canvas is made of a cotton blend. That is the biggest difference. As far as quality, BMW tested the American canvas for years for fading and quality, and determined that the American canvas held up to the German canvas the same. They started to use the American canvas in 1994, and continue to do so.
It's a bit difficult to tell if I am choosing the correct color on the screen, there are a few that look so similar. What should I do?
No problem! Just drop us an e-mail: [email protected] with your color choices (limit to a maximum of 3 please!), include your full name & address, and we will mail you samples.
How long before you can ship a convertible top?
Most convertible tops ship the same day if ordered before 2:00 PM PST. If we do not stock the convertible top you need or are out of stock, one can be manufactured and shipped within 3 business days.
For BMW convertible tops 1987 to 1999, why do you recommend I buy the convertible top straps?
The convertible top straps are important in assisting the convertible top to fold correctly. Over time the elasticity wears out and the straps are no longer strong enough to pull the convertible top correctly when being put in the "down" position. This can cause the convertible top to become pinched in the convertible top frame, eventually wearing holes in the convertible top.
I have 2 Mazda Miata convertibles. They both have plastic windows. Can I get a convertible top with a glass window for them?
Yes, GAHH offers both, plastic and glass windows for your convertible tops.
What type of material do you use in your products?
GAHH is committed to using the original equipment manufacturer's materials. We use Haartz Stayfast, Sonnendeck and A5 canvas materials for our canvas tops. Discerning buyers looking to restore their vehicle to its manufacturer specified condition look for Haartz based products like those produced by GAHH. We purchase our leather from the same European tannery that supplies BMW and Mercedes. This tannery matches the original colors exactly. We purchase only first quality raw materials including full grain hides. Full-grain hides are of high quality because the color of the leather fully permeates the hide. This gives the leather a long lasting, quality color.
What are your hours?
7:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, Pacific Standard time.
What is your return policy?
Exchange or credit will not be given unless the policy below is followed - Return authorization numbers will be required on ALL returns. Before starting installation, check and compare interior component or top with the one on the car. Be sure the correct part was ordered for that particular car and that the convertible top's plastic windows are free of defects. In order to receive an exchange or credit you must notify us within 60 DAYS of the original purchase. All returns will be subject to restocking fees of up to 50%. Merchandise must be in the same condition as received. Merchandise will not be accepted if installation has been attempted. Merchandise must be carefully packaged in the same manner as it was received, with special attention being given to plastic windows on convertible tops. Damages caused by failure to unfasten fasteners prior to putting top in down position are not the responsibility of the manufacturer. Convertible top windows are not guaranteed for yellowing, cracking or breakage after installation. Custom ordered colors and materials are NOT returnable.
Is there such a thing as a top for a 993 with glass rear window (1997)?
Due to the structure of the convertible top frame, it cannot be done.
I have heard through the grapevine that GAHH, in certain cases will make seat covers for "free!". Please tell me about this offer.
That's right!If a customer wants to order seat covers for newer model Mercedes, Porsche, Jaguar, Ferrari, Lexus or BMW; which we normally make interiors for and we do not have the patterns, we will make the seat covers for "FREE!". Call us for details!
I have an Upholstery Shop and I was wondering, if I have installation questions, is there anyone there that could help me?
Yes, we have technical support available to installers for all questions in regards to installing convertible tops to installing interior kits. Just ask for extension 100.
Regarding a 1989-2005 Mazda Miata convertible top; what is the difference between a regular top and a budget top?
The original (regular) convertible top has a separate rear window section and is considered a two piece convertible top. Whereas, the Budget top does not have a separate window section. It is a one piece top.
For a 2002-2007 Honda S2000 Spider, does the "headliner" come with the convertible top, or is it sold seperately?
Absolutely, our S2000 top does include the small headliner standard.
I have a 1968 Jaguar XKE which needs a Boot Cover for the top. I see the year 1968 has two part numbers, how do I know which one to order?
1961-1968 has lap seat belts and 1968-1971 has shoulder seat belts.
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