Convertible Tops

Infinity Window Bonding

INFINITY™ integrated window system.

Not only is it equivalent to OEM tops cosmetically, but it is equivalent structurally as well.

Our Next Generation Window System

In 2008, GAHH introduced the revolutionary UltraMaxx™ system to install windows in convertible tops solving bond failure and eliminating stitching and piping that was common at the time.

In 2017, GAHH again led the industry with the introduction of the INFINITY™ WINDOW SYSTEM. The Infinity system incorporates an engineered support structure and direct to topping material glass bond resulting in aftermarket convertible tops that are equivalent to the OEM top both structurally and cosmetically.

INFINITY™ integrated window system

At the heart of the Infinity System is the Infinity Ring that is designed to support tops that open/close while the vehicle is in motion and that have a fast cycle time. These requirements led OEM engineers to create an integrated window structure requiring an extremely strong, precise ring.

Our Infinity Ring is the only aftermarket system that meets these requirements through injection molded rings using the same materials as the OEM. Anything else is only an imitation that will risk ring breakage and field failure. The system features direct bonding to material, no "rolled edge" on material, and the glass sits direct on the topping. Our proprietary engineered tooling and equipment provides superior finish bond strength.

OEM Equivalent for Newer Vehicles

Attachments are compatible with new convertible vehicle designs to make convertible top installation quicker. Lighter weight injection molded rings use the same materials as the OEM. Lighter weight injection molded rings use the same materials as the OEM.

Lifetime Warranty

Infinity™ Tops are constructed using a patent pending bonding system engineered to last. By integrating the window structure fully into the frame we can confidently guarantee the window bond will not separate, delaminate, leak or fall out.

UltraMaxx Window System

UltraMaxx Window Bond


For most window models prior to 2015 we offer our limited lifetime warranty on the UltraMaxx glass window bond. When developing UltraMaxx our engineering team set forth to develop a process to address the problems of separation and leakage with the added benefit of a more “factory finished” appearance. After hours of researching, prototyping and testing, GAHH developed a new patented process that virtually eliminates the inherent problems of heat seals or silicone.

Completely automated equipment had to be designed to manufacture the tops. This proprietary process involves wrapping the topping around an internal support structure and adhering the glass to the resulting assembly with a special bonding agent, developed specifically for GAHH Automotive.

The resulting bond between the glass and the topping is extremely strong, and also has no stitching or piping. Trademarked and patented as UltraMaxx™, these tops have set a new standard.



New GAHH top! I called all over looking for the best price on a new back window replacement. I had a local shop install a GAHH top at a great price! How could I pass that up He did the install in 1 day, and I just got it back. Well worth the money!!! Besides its hard to drive with duct tape on your window.

Porshaw Boulder, Colorado

Convertible top for a 2001 Porsche Boxster S. "I got my car back today and it looks PERFECT now! GAHH really came through to make me happy.

Mark Gelefsky New Jersey

More than likely the top manufacturer is GAHH in California. A very reputable company. They use the original "Sonnenland" A5 topping material made by Haartz GmbH (formerly Rode and Schwalenberg) in Germany. Try and you can probably find a local distributor in your area that distributes their tops. As far as I know, they are the only top manufacturer currently making a '97-'02 replacement top with a glass rear window. More manufacturers will surely follow but may not use the original equipment material.

GAHH Customer courtesy www.986forum
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